Individual Counselling

At E Gill Consulting, optimal health and performance are the guiding principles. This means that a broad spectrum of individuals representing varying degrees of health and wellness take advantage of our services.

Some use counselling as a means to keep focused on goals, increase self awareness, and increase congruency between their values, beliefs and personality, and the goals they choose to pursue.

Others seek to further enhance elements of their living that are already at or above average levels satisfaction, elements such as self presentation, interpersonal skills and styles, confidence and esteem, communicating effectively (ensuring message impact), and mindfulness or living in the present.

Thus a proportion of individuals who come to E Gill Consulting do so to enhance elements of an already fulfilling life while pursuing the goals of optimum health and performance.

Events and life circumstances as well as learned behaviours and styles of coping can present personal obstacles or barriers that create stress, anxiety, or diminished mood.
Occasionally it seems impossible to put one’s finger on the nature of the problem. The description often provided is that “things just feel off” or “I just don’t feel like myself”.

It is possible to gain insight into the nature of such issues, introduce change, and effectively manage such scenarios through counselling.

A significant proportion of individuals come to E Gill Consulting to alleviate anxiety, feel less depressed and more energized, develop new coping strategies, develop new styles of communicating, and to create changes in behaviour, feeling states, or ways of thinking.
Such changes help individuals build better relationships and live life more fully at home, and work, and at play.

You are invited to contact Dr. Gill with any questions about services offered at E Gill Consulting by email or phone 604-767-1325.